Thursday, January 04, 2007

L is for...

Which is exactly what happened to me today. The clock says 9 and I told him 9.30. Went back to sleep and dreamt about everything in between. The funny part of the dream is when my producer told me that my TVC is not approved. Good grief, I am so

Lazy to work, lazy to eat, lazy to talk, lazy, lazy, lazy. Amazing what a break can do to a person's mental health. On one hand I felt like I need another holiday (yes far far away, smoking and having my drinks) and on another I think any more of that I will be a monster because I am a

Loser because I am going nowwhere, loser because I spend spend spend and spend and loser because I am not losing the weight...fats all around, my diet and exercise went to holiday with me. Even my computer act on me...dying and all. So no more fun posts and deep thoughts from if there were any to begin with. that doesn't start with an L....LBAH!

Right, there's this showie which I enjoyed of late. Talk more about that LATERS!


Buaya said...

Aww... Dun think that way... :p

You just need to re-start your engine... to let it warm up again... :p

You can get some Love... From old Buaya... :p

thompsonboy said...

Oh Buaya...I can always count on buaya you....

JL said...

You were still in bed at 930! O_o impress

same here pal... i want a beach holiday!

and... shit happens to all people dude. Don't be that hard on yourself :) Cheer up!

have you finished rereading Anne of Green Gables yet? Cheers

BTW i don't smoke ;)

drownedglass said...

Late? Lazy? Loser?

LO PLOBLEM! As long as you Lovely Long time yah ;)

Las montañas said...

Lots Leaping Lizards!

The letter L is an interesting one, it was supposed to grow straight, but it went crooked at the end.

loopy said...

Totally agree with you on the OCBC and Astro TVC.

Anyway I was wondering if I could ask you some questions regarding the advertising landscape in Malaysia. I'm kinda applying for my internship (still studying) now so I would appreciate all the information I can get.

loopy said...

Lol, that sounded quite weird. Nervousness can make ppl act so unlike themselves (so I claim) *awkward laugh*

I've been reading your blog occasionally and finally mustered up the courage to write, albeit for a favour.

*slips away silently*