Friday, January 19, 2007

I can really die happy

You know that don't you? I know (like I told William before) that I cringed whenever someone post their nasi lemak or their lunch, dinner or supper or whatever on their blogs. Okay, so I am being rude and all because at the end of the day, the owner can do whatever they want. And good on them if they can find little joys in lthings such as a rojak buah or roti canai.

Well, I have done it yesterday (by posting my first ever whoring pictures) and I am going to do another. I promise there won't be anymore anytime soon. Ladies and gents, can you please join me in welcoming two new member to the family - my latest and most expensive purchase.

Paul Smith bag and belt.

I know I am pushing the envelope of whoring by adding in my old Paul Smith shoes but they do look good together, that's a present from an ex.

I don't know what went over me because I went into the boutique just to look see but I couldn't help myself. It was all on sale. I ended up saving 400 bucks with the combined discounts. Even Cookie walked out with a t shirt. Me and Cookie are lethal combination. Sort of like two bad chemical mixed together that can create explosions. We will just encourage each another to buy like there's no tomorrow. Anyway, lets wait for the card bill *cringe*. Mind you, no paying minimum and interest only, me and Cookie are raised not to owe money but too bad they didnt teach us not to shop.

A rough count, together with the Gucci belt, it's 16 that I have in my collection, Cookie!

I can die a happy man. All I ever wanted, Paul Smith signature bag and belt, Gucci belt all came true in one day!

All there's left is the white Dior belt. And more Tiffany's. HINT HINT. Fei Mui, don't cringe, you have your poison and I have mine.

And thanks guys for the birthday wishes! Sorry for the bulge lovers…next time I will sock it up!


JL said...


you are one high-maintenace guy :)

Buaya said...


William said...

I... am... experiencing... VERTIGO... :D



you're bad! :(

Anonymous said...

darling i am sure you are not gonna carry three of those items on a same day right? it's an offence!