Thursday, January 25, 2007

All day long feeling deep in shit

Where is the life?
If only I can turn back time
I wouldn't smoke
Damned the first cigarette I ever took
Now I can never be complete
All day long feeling deep in shit

Where is my life?
Memories of smoke leaves me with a sigh
Used to have my ciggie, my tea and break

My life has officially ended.


JL said...

there's got to be more to life than ciggie pal :) cheer up cheep up!

Las montañas said...

you'll drop that habit one day. I used to smoke too (socially) esp in the company of friends. But has since not picked up a stick for years oledi. believe me, the mouth stinks terribly to others! (I know we can use mint and such)

drownedglass said...

Chew gum. Snack. I know it's not the same. If it gets bad, step outside and hop on one foot. It helps to go a little insane sometimes :-)

sbanboy said...

Have you tired the nicotine patch ? You can do it ... reduce a stick a day gradually :D

savante said...

Definitely hard getting rid of the habit but hey, you can do it!

ChinkinIn said...

Bummed a cig here n there from people in the past. Can't stand the taste without a drink in hand. Don't think there's an easy way. Only way is probably just to make up your mind and go cold turkey. Good luck.