Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You were a Thai like Richard Gere!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's my favourite line (actually it was "You wore a tie like Richard Gere") and what's with the tie and Thai? It's a well known thing that Richard Gere is a Buddhist so I am guessing no one suspected that they heard the wrong line, I for one never question the Thai part because we all know how stupid cheesy Euro dance pop groups can be. But believe me, this is different. It really takes me back to places and time, at least 4-5 years ago. And indeed, if I am part of a group, I would sing about Richard Gere on any given time or day. Gere was and is still very hot indeed!

At the risk of becoming a very youtube friendly blog (you have to admit it, YT is AMAZING!), I do have to say that of late besides looking back at some of my old cheese, I am indeed have very obssesed with real cheese. Not cheese cheese per se but food.

I had a craving for fat, greasy KFC the other night. I couldnt stop thinking about those crispy and cruchy skin, dry on the outside and oily inside. Those fat and juicy meat, the juices flows as you bite into those hot and soft meat, it's heaven. I think my death shall be by KFC. If it isn't bad enough, by 9pm I was thinkin about dim sum...all sorts. Those nice and cute "siew mai"....imagine taking a small and slow bite into one of those puppies....oh God help me for I have sinned.... and by 12, I was thinking about nicely cooked, grilled steak. Real big piece of meat, fat and juicy, just the way everyone should have it. Not overdone, still abit raw and when you bite into it, juices/blood will flows freely from it. I can imagine the pleasure of chewing on that piece of meat...WHA IS WRONG WITH ME????!!!!!

After consulting Cookie, he deducted that I have a hungry black girl inside me. You know how much black people love their fried chicken and their gravy, their mash and their macaroni and wonder they call it soul food. And indeed my soul is very hungry (Cookie begged to differ, he said it probably died by now) and Cookie told me that a cat would be proud of the way that I eat. It's not like I don't eat but I am just holding it back. I tried very hard to eat healthier and also consume less. And I also confess to not eating fried fatty and meaty stuff, for I know my body can't afford it.

Should I unleashed the fat black girl inside of me? I can feel her bulging out from my tummy everytime I sit down or drive...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Las montañas said...

just keep her inside.

I can understand.. I used to love eating kfc/fried chicken skins!

the other sin is in the braised fatty pork. Its so soft the fats simply melt in your mouth. wonder whether you like this too.

William said...

Somehow KFC doesn't taste as good as I remember from my childhood. I used to salivate at the aroma.

drownedglass said...

I love KFC! But what's with the Colonel fetish fan-art?

Buaya said...
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Buaya said...

OMG, you mean you dun think of sex? ;p

JL said...

Once, i had 7 pieces of KFC.

And haven't touched them since that meal!


"You know how much black people love their fried chicken and their gravy, their mash and their macaroni and wonder they call it soul food. And indeed my soul is very hungry..."

LOL... you are one funny dude :) cheers

thompsonboy said...

I am not funny but like Mariah, I am very black inside, you know what I am saying, ya'all?