Saturday, December 02, 2006

Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

No darling, it's not me pulling a goodbye for it's too early to bid adieu and let the curtains down. I just had a field day or shall I call it night feasted my soul, ears and eyes on a movie called Funny Face. Now at first glance at the synopsis, you would probably cringe being the cynical city folks that we are. But it's exactly how Hepburn and Astaire put it...S'Wonderful!

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Now I know of late, I have not been up to my good old self. The cigarettes are back and my mood has been down. Work is a contributing factor but I guessed I have gotten it sorted out. I just have to work hard on many aspect of myself. It's just no good being hardworking. I have to be very hardworking. No, my dear, it's not about working overtime. Well, one just have to go further than ever before. It's the weekend, one should not talk about tiresome things like bills to pay or deadline to catch.

With that out of the way, let me talk about Audrey, oh dearest Audrey. I had the utmost pleasure of finishing the box set that Fei Mui gave me, certainly jewel in the crown would be Funny Face. Don't get me wrong...Sabrina, Tiffany's and all are classics but this newie has become closer to my heart.

Let's start off with Roman Holiday, my least favourite but I suppose the credit has to be given that the woman managed to shine even in black and white. I mean who doesn't love black and white movies? But colors, oh how I love colors! It has royalty, pretty dresses and Rome all blend into a wonderful elixer of love. Audrey did won her first Oscar from this debut, I suppose owing much to her pixie like charm rather than acting.

I don't have to go on with Tiffany's because everyone knows whats that all about. It is true that we are all traveling, forever looking for that place that give you the Tiffany feeling to get away from the mean reds. You know mean reds.
Sabrina is easily the most forgetable story in the whole collection but one of the more popular one and I suppose modern day Cinderella story never fails to be a crowd pleaser - after all, having the two son fighter over you - how fabulous is that?

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I must say,
Paris When It Sizzles is very typical of the 60s movie - they fall in love far too easily and way too fast but it is a story ahead of it's time. Again, the back synopsis on the DVD cover fails to deliver the most important message from the movie: it is certainly not what you have expected from that era. The love story is unfolded within an array of plot within plots, how I wished someone would do interesting and happy things like that instead of getting all moody and scriptless ala Wong Kar Wai.

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Oh but Funny Face, oh Funny Face - how brilliant! The dancing, the wonderful and talented Kay Thompson. When I grow old, I want to be just like her. The poise, the elegance. Such a fierce boss. The wonderful voice and of course Frank...absolutely talent. Hollywood doesn't do that anymore - dancing, singing and acting. It's the time when everything is wonderful, you can get love stung now and then, the leading man are all dashing (and old) and the last frame is always usually the popcorn selling, studio rent paying, critique loving kiss between our two lead and off they go...happily ever after.

Btw, can someone help me find My Fair Lady? I don't care if it's pirated. I have only watched it once and it years ago and I can still remember the rain falls in spain or plain thing..for now, I will just put the Diana Krall's version of S'Wonderful on repeat...lovely lovely stuff.

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The wonderful dance scene from Funny Face - now a Gap campaign for those awful skinny shit pants. Doubt it will ever come to Msia - ppl generally know Britney or J Ho more than anything else.


Anonymous said...

how do you do? how kind of you to let me come?
the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain?

we bought my fair lady the other day. thought of getting sound of music too. but anyway if you want it let me see if i could get it in video ezy again.

Anonymous said...

or or or... all i want is a room somewhere far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair ohh wouldn't it be loverly, lotsa chocolates for me to eat lotsa coal makin lotsa heat?

Las montañas said...

Just you wait Henry Higgins (substitute with name of your hatred), just you wait! You'll be sorry, but your tears'll be too late!

Las montañas said...
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savante said...

She was fabulous. Even in those godawful pants :P