Sunday, November 26, 2006

What did I do last week?

So here I am at my room at 2.30 in the morning thinking that I have abandoned my blog for awhile now and it’s screaming for updates. I know, I know that I have been away and I guess part of the reason is the company blocking my access to blog sites. Anyway, that’s no excuse so here’s a little update for to be relished over with.

I just came back from being a pimp; Upstairs’ Bitch wanted to go to this party for this cute boy whom she had a crush on and since she didn’t know anyone there, I was there to be the accessory in case she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. The boy is indeed cute but the club is way too straight and too rubbish RnB for my liking. Need not to say that we didn’t stay long and I only had one sip of the vodka. Really pissing me off. So it has come to this, fabulous advertising execs like me who doesn’t know anyone and refused to mingle around.

But on the brighter note, yesterday was Kancil (results click here) and I have been waiting to go for that for awhile now. I know those who attended can give you the done there been there got the t shirt air but cut me some slacks here as this is my first time, I did not attend the dinner earlier because my agency is too cheapskate to buy a ticket for everyone and of course being at the bottom, it’s not my turn to be treated like a vip in the company which I disagree. I can understand why ADs (that’s Account Director for you) have to attend but shouldn’t priority be given to the juniors; to expose them and this could be their first time. These are the little things that people fail to do in order to cultivate young talents and they complained why people doesn’t stay. I just found out from Wild Woman that agencies like LB treat bottom whores way much better. They give free parking and subsidize their phone bills because they understand that these people have the least in the terms of pay and they need all the support they can get. Those who are already earning their millions wouldn’t feel the pain if they were to pay it themselves. This is why the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Anyway I digress. I was there just in time for them to be giving out the awards and it seemed like everyone in the industry is there at Sunway. We practically jammed the whole place up and I had to park in Pyramid. So not glamourous. The starting was slow and they gave out the boring bits first like technical awards (just like the Oscars) and also interactive stuff. Slowly, we picked up and it was really great to win.

The whole agency (servicing and creative) was there and we cheered for everyone even if we are not in the account. It’s nice to hear your agency being announced as the winner and altogether we did bagged like 10+ awards. Merits were not presented and we had a good mix of bronze, silver and a few gold. My accounts contributed nearly 70% of the winnings. Of course I contributed nothing since most of the work was completed before I even join the agency but it feels good to cheer for my AM and my boss. We didn’t win Best of the Best or Agency of the Year but just as predicted our Cannes winning piece did won some gold. A lot better than most agencies who have nothing much to cheer about. It feels like sad when you sit there and look at other tables standing, shouting and cheering. I actually managed to see my ex AM and it was good to know one familiar face in the clouds of smoke. Yes, if you need to find advertising people, just follow the trails of cigarettes. Then there’s this guy whom I used to work with back then in the olden days, apparently he is a strategic planner now with one of the agency in town. A lot of people would kill to have his job though I couldn’t be bothered. Part of the reason why I am I in servicing is because I want to deal with Clients, yes the good and the bad.
Well, all said and done there’s next year to look forward to and there’s always pressure to win since my accounts are all small but known for churning out award winning materials.

To win award, it’s not just as easy as coming out with something radical. The client has to buy it and approve it for award submission. Some clients are very strict because let’s face it, most of the piece does the brand no justice and people outside the industry did not know that some creatives are done for the sake of creative. But I learnt long ago that this is an important process for a thinking agency – to be constantly challenged to come out with new things just to get the brain juices flowing.

I did not attend the after party (I know, what am I thinking? Free booze on the house) but opted to spend the night with Upstairs’ Bitch by having a drink and talk. So over some cheap coffee and cigarette we lamented about our dead end jobs, bitching about the people in our circle and who won what and wore what. For most part of our job, we do enjoy it to a certain extend but it’s far from perfect and it’s not getting any easier. There was some job offers now and then, Agency G just approached me for this fungusy account and I asked for an obscene amount of money, I guessed if I have to be stuck with a dead account that requires all your dedication and time, one might as well make it worthwhile with the money. Knowing them and how things work, they won’t come back to me. I bumped into this GAD (Group Account Director) that Kancil night, who interviewed me a few months back and she casually, mentioned that she was looking for someone more senior. Well, no hard feelings there…it really doesn’t matter if I stay or I leave. Then there’s this offer to work in PR came, if only before I joined my currency agency, I would have taken it without thinking because I was desperate. But now 8 months onwards and really, my PR is just as good as a dead rock, so what is the point? I still love my work.

Last week was abit on the hectic side as we rushed our reports and god knows what else. There’s crisis booming already in the horizon when my supplier called me earlier on Saturday morning. Well, I don’t get the jitters and worry like I used to, not because I don’t care anymore but I know there’s nothing that I can do. It’s Sunday and I might as well make the most of it. Next week’s forecast – busy busy busy.


savante said...

Certainly an inside look into the seemingly glamorous world of advertising :)

William said...

"Advertising: Beyond the Ciggie Smoke".

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