Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Music Gets The Best of Me Part 2

This is beyond!!!

I am feeling all sexy now that the office is quiet for lunch time, it is a long duration from 12 to 2. I put on my earphone and chilling down to sultry tunes from Kaskade (Heartbeat is so sexy like oh my god). I just emailed my boss everything that she wants and I am sitting down looking pretty. After all, they don't need my help in anything, so be it. Let them die and do the damn plan which I already know and are capable of doing. Ladies and gayman, may I present to you: Above & Beyond.

You can read all the minor details from wikipedia from who they are and how the started and all. They are basically first and foremost trance oriented group - what is trance you ask me? I am no expert and not really a DJ (and you can read all the boring and yawn worthy details from wikipedia anyway) but the word trance itself means a state of (un)consciousness/esctasy and thats exactly what the music do to you. There's a different between trance and house and techno. The beats are deeper and stronger. Techno are just shallow and ah beng-fied. The thing with trance is, it slowly builds up (with or without vocal but those with female vocals are killer) to an orgasmic high in the middle. I can't describe it properly but you have to be patient with a track that is normally 8 minutes to wait for the high. But once you hear it, your body, mind and soul is captured and you will get transformed with the beat and the high. It makes you want to shake everything and close your eyes and forget about everything and everyone. That is why I love trance and dance music. Very different from house because with more house and chillout/house, your mind is still there, feeling and tapping your toes and fingers, it's relaxing.

Anyway back to Above & Beyond, like everyone I started to noticed them when they remixed Madonna's What It Feels Like, apparently she liked it so much that she used that for her video and radio edit. Since then most of the things they touched has turned into trance gold. They have just released their debut album called Tri State (ubber fabulous and can be found in all good record store in dingy third world Malaysia) and a bonus track is featured, one of their biggest hit - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix). What they have done in the past is to release compilation (up todate, 4 installement), remixes and also original tracks from their own record called Anjunabeats. They also host a weekly radio show calledTrance Around The World, you can listen to it from their official website or via Ministry of Sound. Noteworthy stuff from them includes:

No One On Earth - Above & Beyond
Air for Life - Above & Beyond with Andy Moor
Alone Tonight - Above & Beyond
I Am (Above & Beyond Mix) - Chakra
Silence (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - Delerium
Everytime (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - Britney Spears
What It Feels Like (Above & Beyond Club Mix) - Madonna

During their free time, they are also known as Oceanlab. It's a project which they collaborated with a vocalist Justine Suissa who is responsible for lending her killer voice for many dance classic such as Armin Van Buuren's Burned With Desire and Chican's Autumn Tactic. Killer killer stuff, I tell you.

Clear Blue Water - Ocenlab
Satelitte - Ocenlab
Sirens Of The Sea - Oceanlab

Download some selection of A&B here. I also found a link to download all the Anjunabeats stuff but good grief, it's all wma. Like who on god's world do wma? Ya allah!

Oh oh oh oh btw can I interupt this to say that Miss Bitch behind me has absolutely NO taste whatsoever? She was like telling and showing everyone she's into dance music and all, wanna act cool la but her selection is more cringeworthy than cringe. Brainless thump thump and dum dum. And she just discovered Robert Miles. I am like helooo. Sure, you can get and buy alot of things but taste...oh it just comes naturally to people like me. Hmmph! *flip hair*

Okay, enough music for now. There 2 1/2 hours to go before I ciao. As usual, internal meeting without me. Nevermind. Flip hair. Let you all work until you all die. I had a talk with Upstairs' Bitch just now and its fine. I am not the only one who is being left to my own devices. Thats the life of a bottom of the foodchain whore. I need to be patient. It will all paid off. I have done all these things before, which is like thank god because if I were to depend on my current Agency to teach me, I would have died.


William said...

Leaving people out of internal meetings can really be like a slap to the face. But then again, I find meetings to be a big waste of time.

Anonymous said...

not like i m the greatest fan of house-downtempo-lounge-chillout-deephouse shit. but u can laugh at the bitch behind you on behalf of me. thanks!

and chicane darling chicane with the e. just like edi and patsy would say lacroix sweety la-la-la-lacriox!

QUIK! said...

omg u whore u better stop posting music coz ur taste is just like a trash can i can tell CHU that!

*plays Emma*

*points down*

savante said...

Not only Kaskade but now Oceanlab?!

thompsonboy said...

everyone needs more music, just like man, you can never have enough :P

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