Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Counting my blessings...

There's just so much to be thankful about, sometimes its all clouded by our day to day misery and the search and the yearn for more, more and more. When the night draws in, as I lay down in my bed, the rain tipping tapping outside, I feel really lucky. I know I could be unhappy about alot of things but let's just concentrate on the good things, shall we?

I am thankful that...

1. I don't have to clean toilets, looking at those cleaner, I am sure they don't want to do that but sometimes life gives us no choice but a mop and strong arms.
2. I have two eyes that I can see all the beauty (and ugly) of the world, beautiful male bodies, beautiful flowers, beautiful clothes
3. I am not deaf - imagine a world without music. But then again you can always argue that if a person never heard music before in his entire life, he wouldn't know what he is missing out right?
4. I am glad that I have a roof over my head even if I have to share it with a detestable person.
5. I am glad to be doing what I do and working where I work even though it's far from perfect
6. I am tall and thin. It's easy to buy clothes and easier to look good.
7. Ermm...thats all for now...but being thankful is a constant work in progress.

I guess the trick is to look around daily and if I see something, I will tell myself how lucky I am.

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8. Oh yeah, I am glad that I have money to burn, sky to puff the smoke out to and also lungs and brains to destroy.


savante said...

Tall and thin.

Dammit! :P

Buaya said...

Ya... Tall and thin... dammit!!... :p

Las montañas said...

yah.. another dammit here too! esp on the tall part.

Anonymous said...

what happened to? shouldn't compare yourself with others? what happened to "listening to cookie's saying?" on those who are less perfect, impaired and lacking of certain skills.

what's wrong about cleaning the toilet. don't blame them, blame the society. i see nothing's wrong if your profession has to be a cleaner. i think they are doing a good deal keeping clean the place we visit very often and cause of that they should be respected and treated equally like any others.

but it's good to be grateful. and don't worry, i have many of my own flaws to deal with.

William said...

The jobs that most people don't wanna do. We rarely notice it. And yet it gets "magically" done...

Aik, "tall & thin"? I remember you complaining about an expanding gut sometime back... Haha.

Money to burn... Any to spare to "set me on fire"? :D

nyonyapenang said...

i have lots to be thankful too.
thankful that my papa saw fit to send me to school. ;)

thompsonboy said...

dun hate me because I am beautiful..peeps!