Monday, October 23, 2006

I see black, I see white, everything's mono

I see black, I see white, everything's mono
I see everything and nothing beyond this sorrow
No four leaf clover, no Mimi's rainbow
No more believing everything will be fine tomorrow

What are open roads when it's just deadend
Nothing but a mirage disguised as heaven sent
There's no more pleasure in finding substitutes
When all I ask for is one from the multitude

Am I asking too much or too many
From sight and sound, I know that I am lucky
So easy for others, so hard for me to play
in the game of looking for that one that will stay

I am falling deeper in my own grave
Eaten away by envy, lust, sadness and hate
Oh God, words are failing me now
Please pick me up from falling down


Anonymous said...

Another cycle of depression?

Las montañas said...

no. you are ok. just don't dwell on the negatives..

you are still young!

cookieboy said...

OMG girl...I'm so proud that I'm part of your inspiration!!

savante said...

Hey, don't be so down! Cheer up, young thing!

Anonymous said...

Have you finally ended ur bachelor life? I noticed there was a line missing from your usual introduction. Where did that "I've not found myself a bf" go? (Reason to quit smoking) Come on...if you've found someone, you should announce it to the world