Monday, February 25, 2008

My love

There hasn’t been many true or great love in my life and many of them up to a certain extend can be classified as laughable or almost joke-like. But then again I’ve always looked back and think of them as essentials for me to learn and grow in this life. But there has someone or rather something that has always been with me and I have never really talk about it.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to my Great Love #2 (#1 spot is taken by bags, belts and shoes) – mixed pork organ porridge. I know the first reaction upon reading this would be disgust or even shock. That a classy girl such as me would indulge in such peasant like food and behavior. But then again there’s nothing I love more than porridge and there’s nothing in the world that can compare to mix pork organ type.

For those uninitiated, mix pig organ porridge is basically just like any other Chinese type porridge as the base but the extra ingredient are normally made out from pig’s blood cubes, intestines (deep fried or otherwise but deep fried is extra crunchy and yummy), liver, tongue (yes, very yummy and chewy), pork bits and pieces and stomach. Throw in tons of white pepper and a dash of sesame seed oil with soy sauce and spring onions and you will be in heaven.

But having said that, I do enjoy the occasional different types of porridge, everything else except Teow Chew

1. Century egg + salted egg minced pork porridge

2. Ground nuts, anchovies, carrot and chicken porridge

3. Dried scallops, prawns and chicken porridge

4. Frog legs porridge

5. Fish porridge

6. Plain old mince pork porridge

There are many reasons why I love it and one of it is because it tastes like my childhood and reminded me of the simpler days. To date, it has become sort of like my comfort food that warms the stomach and the heart for those days when nothing else seems to work and nothing else can make you happy. That long drive late at night from work with the somber thought of going home alone. The sad truth though is that this kind of porridge is getting hard to find these days. No one really wants to eat parts like intestines and it is deemed unhealthy to do so. One can only hope that it will be around for much much more longer because I simply can't eat belts and shoes for comfort and love.


Daniel Henry said...

~ where?

QUIK! said...

Gsus! I'm now really craving for some good porridge nie...decided to make them for dinner!

In the name of jesus!

savante said...

OMG. I love pork porridge. Especially the crunchy intestines. Tell me where you get them!!

William said...

I dislike the intestines. Most of the the time, the oil smells a tad rancid. But anyway....

A food post from you?!

What is the world coming to?!

Iml said...

Growing up in Pg, I too enjoyed this deep fried pig innards porridge. Have not had a delicious steaming bowl for a long time. Brings back good memories