Sunday, February 04, 2007

Drama Mamas

As I struggled for words - not in writing this because it is mainly unrestricted, unstructured and unguided. Perhaps the fact that there are no rules makes this type of writing easier as compared to the ones that I desperately need to complete. Not only I need to think about sell out ideas for a few white goods product under my team, I have to complete my proposal for some ground activity for another healthcare product as well. Coupled that with the task of having to finish the competing brands analysis for all the brands under my belt, not an easy task considering that I have mobile phone, photography (fuck you Canon, why must you advertise so 'much') and just about every goddamn product on earth. As if that is not enough, I have agreed to write a so called article for a friend for this publication and I don't know where to start. Before any of you go off laughing - yes my English is very the bad and this I have to apologize to the Queen because of my lack of grasp for correct and proper grammar, spelling and vocabulary. However give me a chance and after all an editor is there for a reason you know.

The lazier part of me wanted to take time and chill, after all today is Saturday and it's meant to be a rest day. Considering the deadline to complete all the task at work and off-work is looming, I have decided to kick start everything with writing leisurely. Not entirely leisure since I have laundry waiting for me in the washer to be completed and I probably need to be out of the house to kill two birds with a stone - go out with Upstairs' Bitch and listen to her complaints about her life and since I am out, complete my market visit. Yes, I personally think it's pretty useless if my visit doesn't cover at least 1000 retail outlets all across the market centre but at least I can learn and see the retail environment of my product. Not as if the Client cares or anything.

Back to Upstairs' Bitch, she's been complaining about her workplace and the lack of promotions and areas to grow since I first joined her in the same building which exactly 10 months ago. I don't know how bad is bad but I do know the line when your boss tells you that a) you have no future here and b) I don't think you will get anywhere. Coupled that with the fact that there's always abit of drama here and everywhere with her and I nearly lose my groove - I actually lost it the other day because she keeps me waiting for her at the lobby for lunch. She lives in her own universe whereby 3 minutes is equivalent to our 15 minutes and after so many waitings, I have decided to have her 'missed call' me when she's in the lift so that I don't have to get down so early. Yet she can still be late.

To make matter worst, there's Queen Bitch with her personal drama of the year - yes if there's such award she would probably win hands down. Not to be mean or anything (no, I am not mean considering she's a very very very good and close friend but hey, enough is enough sometimes) but things are just getting out of hand with that woman. I know that her personal life is not perfect with broken relationship, troubles at home and at work and also the affair with an illicit half - hers a story made for TV. While I tried to be understanding and all but my patience has ran out. She skipped my birthday thingy for work and has not been making it up to me till today. She has declined many invitations of going out just for a rendezvous of forbidden passion. I understand that she needs to escape from the problems at work but by avoiding your family members who are already complaining that you don't spend enough time with them will only make things worst.

Then there's Mr. P. This one is a real piece of work and has been this way since I know him years ago. I got to know him through some relationship crisis and till to date, there's still some crisis or problems of another. The thing with him is, I know that he is unhappy but yet the way he handle things - I am just lost for words.

Sometimes I really wished that I have a magic wand that can just wave all these dramas away. I feel so helpless up to the point where I don't even begin to know or comprehend the problems that the people who are dear to me are having, let alone help them. The thing that I can do is to listen but I am a bad listener. I told Cookie that he should stop pursuing his career in law and instead go into therapy hotline. He is my therapy hotline anyway and true enough after much soul searching and complaining about my problems with other friend, Cookie and I have came to the conclusion that I sucked as a listener but excelled as an attention seeking verbal whore.

So what can I do? Sometimes it's really just as simple as listening. If I do love these people, perhaps I should really learn to do that. Not easy considering that I am the All About Me, Me and Me person.



William said...

Telinga berasap...

nyonyapenang said...

hahahah...LOL at William's comments.

Anonymous said...

Stop. Take a deep breath (I don't mean drag on cig), breath out. There. Better?

JL said...

ahuh... go on.

i'm listening :)