Sunday, April 20, 2014

Global Warning

I have recently learned to use the recording function on my satellite TV and some of the shows thats I tried were Fashion Police and of course the recent Tom Daley Goes Global - my friend seems to have an obsession with him but to me he is quite meh but then again twink is not really my thing and I have no patience with gays who claim to be bisexual and then gay after that. I suppose allowances should be given since he is still literally a kid. But truth to be told, he didn't HAVE to come out. But anyways....

The Guardian UK called it  "a poor excuse for a TV show"despite a ok premise for a travel show. If only. Well, I won't be harsh - after all I am not expecting Palin type of travel shows that will inspire you to do but rather looking forward to train wrecks and stupidity that you expect from Brits when they go abroad or to Asia. There are a couple of things to clear up:

1. Global in the title - I was just explaining to my sister that for alot of people, going around the world equals to touching a few countries here and there in different continents and thats about it. As long as you go around the world. So for this show, Thailand seems to be representative of most of Asia when it's not. Most travelers will take time to explore each and every region whenever they can.

2. There's nothing really backpacking about this show - the fact that they sneaked out from a less than nice beach hut and checked into a hotel just kills the authenticity/premise of the show and the spirit of budget backpacking. Most of us knows how to rough it out and would rather spend as little as possible so that we can be out there as long as possible. And roughing out doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

3. Except for the backpack - which Tom and his BFF remarked as a mistake and that everyone should carry a trolley bag instead. Wrong. If you have chosen the right bag and not pack your entire life into it, a backpack can be very light and perfect for all sorts of roads. We don't always get to travel in taxis (like how it is in the show) and a good backpack goes a long way. Esp in places with rough roads and no pavements.

4. Travel is wasted on youth - I have always wished I have done more traveling when I am younger but looking at this show makes me think perhaps I am at the right age to appreciate the other things in life apart from shopping and the silly things. I mean they were miles away from home, first time in a foreign country and all they can talk about is how hot the weather was etc etc and whole lot of uninteresting feedback from their experience in Thailand.

Tom Daley Goes Global airs 8pm (UTC+08:00) every Sunday on ITV Choice.

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